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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Join?

Little Athletics is for boys and girls aged 3-17 years old.
Children of ALL ABILITIES are welcome.

Ages 3+4:

Summer - A modified Tiny Tots program is offered on a Friday evening for children aged 3 and 4 years old.

Children must have turned three before they can take part.

The tiny tots program runs during school terms 4 and 1 at 6pm on a Friday evening.
It is led by 2-3 coaches.
A parent/guardian is required to stay with their tiny tot.

Winter - Winter cross country meets offer a fun dash for tiny tots. Winter cross country meets on a Sunday from May-July in varying locations.

Ages 5-17:

Summer Training (Practice)
During terms 4 +1 children aged 5-17 can access weekly athletics training.

Summer training is on Mondays from 4.30pm - 6.30pm at our home ground opposite Pulteney Grammar in the South Parklands.
We have two one-hour sessions, starting at 4.30pm and 5.30pm. 

Summer Competition
During terms 4 + 1 there are weekly competition meets on a Friday evening.

Competition meets are fun and relaxed and are at 5.30pm for a 6pm start on Fridays in the parklands for children aged 5-17.
(Tiny tots modified athletics sessions run at the same time for ages 3+4).

These meets are for everyone and the focus is on children doing their personal best.)

Children run, jump and throw with parent volunteers overseeing the competition.

The results are recorded by parents via and app on their phones and there is an emphasis on children achieving personal bests. 

Children compete in groups determined by year they were born.

Registration and fees

Our single annual fee fee includes:

  • The summer track & field season (Oct - March)

  • Professional coaching

  • The winter cross-country season (During school term 2)

  • Insurance 

  • Membership of the Little Athletics Association

Our costs include affiliation with the state body, leasing of our premises, paying some of our coaches, purchasing equipment and marketing our club.

When you pay the registration fee you will receive information, a registration number (to be stitched onto the front centre of uniform), an Age Group Number (to be stitched top left hand chest) and a sponsor’s logo (to be stitched on in location advised).

Special Needs: We welcome children with special needs and will do our best to meet all children's needs.
At the time of registering, please make it known to the committee if your child has any special needs that may effect your child’s well-being at the centre, including asthma, allergies or a disability that requires extra care.

What age group is my child in?

Children must have turned 3 years old before they commence Little Athletics.

To see what age group your child will be in, you can use the SALAA age calculator.

Children must be registered to participate in any competitive event held by the governing body, SA Little Athletics Association (SALAA). See SA Little Athletics Association for events.

The Registration period runs from 1 October to 30 September and it includes the Summer Track & Field Season and the Winter Cross Country Season.

The Summer Track & Field Season is from October to March the following year.

Winter Cross Country is from May-July.

Can we Come and Try?

Yes! We offer athletes two free sessions (either at meets or training sessions).
It is compulsory for families to first complete an online Come and Try registration. 

Your child’s event times/distances will not be recorded but they will be able to join in all the events with the children in their age group.

  • Maximum of two Come and Try sessions per season per child.

  • Come and Try sessions are only for children who have never been a member of our centre before. 

  • We encourage children to wear a red shirt (if they have one) and sports shoes.

  • Please bring a water bottle.

When are the meetings and training?

Summer competition MEETS - see calendar HERE. 

During school terms 4+1. 5:30pm for 6pm start– 8.00pm finish (approx.)
BBQ + drinks available.

Please arrive from 5.30pm to help with set up and take on a duty for the evening (chaperoning, starting, timing etc).

Ages 3+4 do tiny tots, ages 5-17 undertake formal competition in a fun, relaxed setting.

Training – SUMMER
Terms 4 + 1
4.30pm & 5:30pm (one hour sessions)

Age 5+

Training – WINTER
During school term 2
Mondays @ 4.30pm - 5.30pm.
Age 5+

What happens at Friday meets?

Please arrive for Friday meets from 5.30pm for a 6pm sharp start.

All parents must help out at club meets.

Events vary depending on the age group (see SALAA Standard Events and Specifications).

  • Children compete in age groups from U6 to U17.

  • For Tiny Tots (ages 3, 4 and some 5 year olds) we run a program of skill-based games from 6pm - 7pm.

Our home meeting schedule runs on a program (this varies from week-to-week. Registered families can view the upcoming program at This gives athletes an opportunity to take part in a variety of events and a chance to record qualifying times or standards for eligibility to compete in the state championships.

Drinks and BBQ items are for sale. Funds raised from the BBQ help to fund the running of the club.

During the winter season (May to July), cross country takes place on Sundays at various Little Athletic clubs. Children compete in distances of 200m to 3km, depending on age.

Winter Cross Country is a great way to keep fit during the colder months so children are well-prepared for the summer season. 

During term 2 we offer running training once a week.

Hot and Wet Weather Policies

Inclement weather – wet or very hot – may lead to meets being modified or cancelled.

Notice of any cancellation will be posted on our Facebook page.

You can download our full weather policy HERE.

  • If the temperature forecast by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (, as published at 4:10pm, one day prior to the competition or training is 36°C or above, then the competition / training will be cancelled and rescheduled to the next available date.

  • The forecast can be accessed via the Bureau of Meteorology website shortly after 4:10pm.

  • Should any subsequent forecast change the predicted temperature (i.e. on Friday prior to a meet or on Monday prior to training), the program will not be changed again.

  • Members will be notified via Adelaide Harriers Facebook page. If time permits, an email will also be sent.

Please ensure your athlete always has plenty of water to drink during the meet and follows Sunsmart policies.

Parents are invited to exercise discretion and can choose not to put their child into an event if they feel the weather conditions are not suitable. The health of our children always comes first.

PLEASE NOTE: Australia is the skin cancer capital of the world. More than 11,500 Australian men and women are diagnosed with a melanoma each year, and an estimated 434,000 people are treated for one or more non-melanoma skin cancers. Skin cancer accounts for over 80 per cent of all new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia each year.
Luckily, skin cancer is almost entirely preventable.


  • Slip on some sun-protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible.

  • Slop on broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30+ sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun.

  • Slap on a hat – broad brim or legionnaire style to protect your face, head, neck and ears.

  • Seek shade.

  • Slide on some sunglasses – make sure they meet Australian Standards.

Parental Involvement

The centre is parent run and all families are expected to pitch in.

  • All athletes must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

  • A drop-and-go policy is not safe and will not be accepted. An athlete may be asked to sit out of competition if no responsible adult is present.

  • NB: If your athlete needs to leave early, please advise the chaperone before departing, for signing off.

Helping Out On The Night

We expect all families to help at the centre in some capacity and facilitate this through online sign up sheets (see Home). Tasks that Adelaide Harriers needs parents to assist with each Friday night include:

  • Arena set-up. Helpers from 5.30pm

  • Starters and time keepers for track events, measuring for field events

  • Chaperones to record results for each age group

  • Parents from each age group to enter the results at the end of the meet.

If you have any special interests please let the committee know. None of the jobs are onerous but are essential for the night to run smoothly.


Timing commences from the sight of smoke from the starting gun and concludes when any part of the athlete’s torso crosses the finish line. (not head, neck, arms or legs).

Times are rounded up to the next tenth of a second. e.g.

watch shows 10.18 seconds – recorded as 10.2 seconds or

watch shows 10.10 seconds – recorded as 10.1 seconds or

watch shows 10.11 seconds – recorded as 10.2 seconds.


At each meeting, children are grouped based on their age and gender.
For each age group, a parent is responsible for recording each athlete’s performance, ensuring that the group follows the weekly program. Parents liaise with coaches and starters.
During any program delays, chaperones must ensure children rest and drink fluids.
A folder with results sheets, program and other information is available in each group’s drink basket.


While all parents are required to help officiate at Friday night meets during summer, we also need to have some parents and athletes aged 16+ qualify as officials. This ensures that events are supervised and judged to the same standards our athletes will experience at state meets. Official courses are free and can be taken online in your own time. Click here for more information.

Clothing and Footwear


Registered Little Athletes are required to wear their correct Adelaide Harriers Little Athletics uniform to ALL little athletics events including Friday night home competition meets.

All three patches must be attached.

Sponsor badges MUST be up to date.

Adelaide Harriers' uniform is a black, white and red polo shirt printed with the white centre motif on the back.

Children may wear their own plain black (no logos) running shorts or bike shorts.

Tiny Tots can wear comfortable clothes for running, jumping and throwing activities.

All Adelaide Harriers uniforms, including second-hand stock are sold exclusively through our online shop. You will need to order and pay online and then collect your items from the clubhouse at your next meet (or by arrangement outside of the summer season).

To view prices and our uniform range please refer to our online shop.

Please ensure all athletes have their cloth registration number, age group number and sponsorship badge/s attached to their top. The registration number can be stitched to the front, centre of the shirt.


Children must wear shoes at all times. Spiked shoes are permitted for some older age groups. Spikes must be put on at the start of an event and removed straight after. For more information on current spike rules, please see the Officials Guide Rulebook.


Adelaide Harriers encourages all children and parents to follow the Sun Smart Policy, wearing hats that offer maximum sun protection, as well as the use of sunscreen. Red, black or white bucket hats are recommended.

… and

It is a good idea to put name tags on all clothes to avoid lost property.

Coaching for athletes

We welcome interest from parents volunteering as coaches.

Training for athletes is optional. 

Parents may work with our dedicated coaches on Mondays. Parents can also coach their own children during Monday training. We welcome your involvement.

Parents/guardians must remain onsite during training.


The committee are volunteers and do their best to keep parents and athletes up to date.

We communicate to members via emails and Facebook

Code of Conduct

The South Australian Little Athletics Association policies describe the expected behaviour of athletes.

Poor behaviour is not tolerated and can result in a child being removed from competition.

Parents are also expected to follow a code of conduct and volunteers are encouraged to visit


All registered Little Athletes, coaches and voluntary workers are insured for Personal Accident and Public Liability through insurance arranged by Little Athletics South Australia.

Summer Program - October - March

The summer program varies from week to week. Registered families can view the upcoming program on

Cross Country Program (Winter)

Cross Country meets take place on Sundays during winter in varying locations. Please see cross country program.

Parent Handbook